How to use vacant plots in India to make money?

It is the era of entrepreneurs and businessmen who are coming up with new ways to make money from things that previous generations had never considered.
For years, the agriculture sector has been a no-go zone for businesses and entrepreneurs because it is heavily regulated and complex, with some serious convoluted government policies and supervision...

Why work with My Prop for your plot management needs?

There is no incentive for property owners to manage their plots on their own. It's understandable if they have other responsibilities and enterprises to attend to. Most property owners work full-time and have no time to manage their properties, let alone have a regular check on them. Receiving calls from friends or neighbours to address their concerns with your plot is a source of additional stress...

Commonly Used Land and Revenue Record Terms in India

In India, land ownership is normally confirmed through a formal sale deed signed by purchasers and sellers during land transactions. In India, land records comprise many types of information, such as property maps, which are kept by government entities at the district and village levels.

Land and revenue record terms any plot owner must know

When given the option, the majority of home buyers would prefer an independent home built on a plot they carefully selected. Investing in land also makes more sense from an investment standpoint, as the return on investment (RoI) on plots is usually always higher than that on flats.